My name is Chris and I’m the owner of Colourmyhouse.com. We specialise in painting and decorating. Most of our work is around private homes but we also do commercial projects too. We can do anything, from decorating a room, to a whole house, both inside and out. I can call on any number of my experienced team of decorators depending on the size of the project.

I work with colours every day so I’m always happy to try and advise customers if they’re stuck with a colour scheme. Of course this advice is always free. I will also do a written estimate for you at no extra charge.

I’m often asked “do I know anyone who can…..?” The answer usually is YES. I have a carefully nurtured team of self-employed tradesmen who I can call on if the project involves other trades, including electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, plasterers and carpenters. So if you have a larger project not just involving decorating, I’m happy to organise or project manage it for you.

The photographs are some of my most recent projects, and the quotes are all from genuine happy customers, not just my mum!

If you have any questions please contact me.

Happy decorating.



And to reassure you, I also have public liability insurance.

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